Revenue of China's Online Dating & Matchmaking Market Hit 4.0 Bn Yuan

Source:iResearch March 06,20183:15 PM
In 2017, the revenue of China’s online dating & matchmaking industry reached 4.0 billion Yuan. and it is estimated that the revenue will increase stably to over 5.0 billion Yuan in 2020. The penetration rate of online dating & matchmaking sector in the whole dating & matchmaking market in 2017 was 40.7% and would rise further in the future.

iResearh holds the opinion that the growth of revenue of online dating & matchmaking sector is mainly driven by the recovery of core enterprise revenue after a round of capital integration. and seen from revenue structure, the growth can be attributed to the increasing of offline business revenue. However, the rising penetration rate shows a result of users’ behaviors of dating & matchmaking shift from offline to online and integration of offline users in online dating & matchmaking market. Generally, the revenue of online dating & matchmaking sector grows steadily. Core enterprises are, with the assistance of brand value, expanding their businesses to wedding ceremony, online dating & matchmaking counselling and finance. and after years of accumulation of core online dating & matchmaking enterprises, there is a possibility for them to see a big leap in the revenue of the industry in the future.
iResearch found that in the total revenue of online dating & matchmaking market, revenue of online services occupied 44.5% in 2017, decreasing 18.0% compared with 62.5% in 2013. By contrast, the share of offline service revenue rose to 54.3% in 2017 from 35.3% in 2013, implying an increasing importance.

In the future, with the enhancement of online dating & matchmaking services, the share of revenue of offline services will continue to increase. On the one hand, although the user base of online services is relatively large and value-added services are rich, the growth of online dating & matchmaking service revenue tends to be stable because of the low average revenue per user (ARPU); On the other hand, core enterprises keep expanding the layout of offline stores through chain store operation, franchising and joint operation, which does not only improve the ability to serve customers from online market, but also helps to integrate the market of offline traditional matchmaking agencies, and at the same time, the core enterprises also enrich customized services to improve user experience. As a result, average revenue per offline user that is ten times of that of online users will further improve. If the offline services and high ARPU are increasing under expectation, offline services will contribute more to rising of the overall revenue of the sector. 
According to the data from iUserTracker, an online behavior measuring database launched by iResearch Consulting Group, Jiayuan, with absolute superiority, took the commanding lead in the first echelon by monthly unique visitors on PC. Love.163, Baihe and Zhen’ai were in the second echelon. On the whole, the competitive pattern was stable in 2017. 

The data from mUserTracker, an mobile internet using behavior measuring database launched by iResearch Consulting Group, show that many new entrants flocked to China’s mobile dating & matchmaking services. By monthly active devices, Jiayuan, Zhen’ai and Baihe were in the first echelon while other 7 service providers including Yuanphone, love.163 and Youyuan were in the second echelon in 2017. Online dating & matchmaking service has had a history of 20 years on PC, while it comes in a more fierce competition of attracting users because of facing more competitors.

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