China's Live Streaming Marketing Sector Is Maturing

Source:iResearch April 02,20181:29 PM

As live streaming platforms accelerated their commercialization process, live streaming marketing industry chain is getting increasingly mature and stable. Upstream advertisers are mainly top brands with high brand awareness and status in the industry, and downstream viewers are generally holding a positive attitude towards live streaming marketing and have relatively strong purchasing power. The participation of third-party service companies further completed the industry chain and then the whole service system improved significantly. With the development of live streaming marketing, it is estimated that more third-party companies such as payment platforms and data monitoring institutions will break into the industry chain and offer advertisers and users more convenience and rights.

Before 2017, live streaming advertisers were mainly companies from internet-related areas like gaming, internet service providing and 3C-related fields as well as FMCG companies. With live streaming platform’s continuous exploration and creation in marketing modes, the advertisers becomes more diversified. Companies in e-commerce, automobile, technology, outdoor travel and film & drama companies also started to make budget for live streaming marketing. However, the core advertisers are still top brands with relatively high brand awareness and position in their business fields. Meanwhile,  as small- and medium-sized advertisers usually pursue a good transmission effect, accept new things relatively slowly and are faced with usually high unit price  of live streaming marketing, the penetration rate of live streaming marketing in small- and medium-sized advertisers are still low. What’s more, advertisers have individual demand for live streaming marketing as well. They usually want a customized marketing strategy and have stronger wish for cooperation with big IPs so as to guarantee the quality of content outputs.

The live streaming marketing revenue keeps growing mainly because live streaming platforms and advertisers are paying more attention to live streaming marketing. For live streaming platforms, when traffic growth reaches a bottleneck, the live streaming platforms need to develop new channels to monetize besides sending gifts and value-added services, so they will rely more heavily on revenue generated by marketing. On the other hand, with development of technology and innovative marketing models of live streaming platforms, live streaming marketing, a model that concentrates traffic for multiple exposures at a low cost, will gain more and more attention. 

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