GMV of China's Fresh Cut Flower E-commerce Is Expect to Triple by 2021

Source:iResearch May 09,20183:32 PM
As per capita income rising, fresh cut flower is more and more popular recently, and flower gifting market increasingly prefers the products of high-end and high quality. Since 2015, a number of flower companies have broken in the market, bringing flower shopping to people’s everyday life and started a era for fast consumption of flowers. In 2017 the GMV of China’s fresh cut flower e-commerce totaled 12.41 billion Yuan, and it is expected to approach 50 billion Yuan by 2021 with the development of the flower shopping habit and improvement of the infrastructure like cold chain logistics.
In the recent year, 85.6% of consumers have ever bought flowers in offline channels. and independent flower shops were the major retail channel, and 69.7% of consumers have bought flowers in independent flower shops. Meanwhile, the proportion of consumers buying flower s in e-commerce channel was 66.7%, smaller than that in offline channel in 2017 and d 42.2% of consumers have bought flowers on flower e-commerce platforms. As consumers’  habit of flower online shopping gradually forms and online flower market is further explored, the future for online flower shopping is bright.
Fresh cut flower e-commerce has a higher penetration rate in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as well as in Changjiang Delta and Zhujiang Delta, where  consumers conduct nearly 50% of their flower shopping via e-commerce channels. Major receivers of the flower were the buyers’ partner, taking up 39.6% of the receivers. Meanwhile, 24.4% of consumers buy flowers for themselves due to the emergence of daily flower products and the wave of “pleasing yourself”. 

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