Online Paid Knowledge Platforms Seek For More Business Model

Source:iResearch May 14,20181:18 PM
According to research by Penguin Intelligence, more than 77.7% of users feel lost and don’t know where to start when they want to search for some information. This indicates that there is still large room for further development of information acquiring ability of internet users. Paid knowledge exactly offers users a solution for this ability improvement. 
According to the research data, more than 74.2% of internet users have ever paid for “targeted professional knowledge”. iResearch holds the opinion that as of internet users pay more and more attention to knowledge, high-quality knowledge platforms will have a bright future from either the view of user payment or the aspect of marketing monetization. 
As user’s demand for knowledge increase, knowledge products boomed up with more participants, richer forms (from words and pictures in the beginning to Q&A, audio & video and live streaming that better suit mobile consumption), as well as wider content coverage (from popular contents at the beginning to deeper vertical professional knowledge).  Some knowledge products even has educational functions. iResearch forecasts that knowledge products will concentrate to top platforms and become increasingly professional with higher and higher quality. Meanwhile, more business modes besides user payment will be explored and created. 

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