The GMV of China’s Cross-Border Retail E-commerce Is Expected to Exceed 300 Bn Yuan by 2021

Source:iResearch May 17,201811:29 AM
In 2017, the GMV of retail e-commerce of cross-border imported products approximated 111.3 billion Yuan with a growth of 49.6%. iResearch forecasts that China’s  imported products retail e-commerce will maintain a steady growth in the favorable policy environment and the GMV of China’s cross-border retail e-commerce will exceed 300 billion Yuan in 2021.
In 2017, top 5 companies accounted for 69.5% of China’s cross-border e-commerce industry by GMV. This indicates a relatively high concentration rate in cross-border e-commerce market and a stable market structure.
Currently, the logistics mode of cross-border e-commerce can be divided into bonded zone storing mode and overseas direct mailing mode, and overseas direct mailing mode can be further divided into small-package direct mailing mode and goods collection mode judging from whether the products are collected together before mailing.

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