Dominating Sales Channel of Handheld Gimbal Will Still Be Online in The Future

Source:iResearch June 08,20186:48 AM
China's handheld gimbal market had a relatively small size but kept a healthy and constant growth in recent years. As sharing platforms of live streaming and short videos are maturing and popularizing in China, handheld gimbal as a photographic accessory will embrace great opportunities. It is expected that the revenue of China’s handheld gimbal market will exceed 800 million Yuan by 2019. and in the future, dominating sales channel of handheld gimbal will still be online. 

According to data from EcTracker, iResearch Consulting Group’s proprietary ecommerce tracking database covering over 100 categories across all of the major B2C platforms, the top 4 handheld gimbal brands on JD and Tmall were Zhiyun, Feiyu, DJI and Moza by sales in 2017.

Handheld gimbals have a slightly higher brand concentration on Tmall than JD. Zhiyun had a market share of 58.9% and ranked the top among all the brands; Other brands, meanwhile, were struggling in the fierce market competition in 2017. 
The top 3 video shooting tools strong cognitive players most frequently used were mobile phones, SLR cameras and handheld gimbals in the past three months. 
For the strong cognitive players who used handheld gimbals in the past three months, video shooting was the most common usage scenario for the device, and photography was also popular among handheld gimbal users.

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