Internet Literature IPs Have Unlimited Room For Imagination

Source:iResearch June 07,201810:12 PM
In recent years, the number of China’s internet literature author rocketed up and reached 7.8 million in 2017, surging 30.2% compared with the previous year. The continuous growth of internet literature authors laid solid foundation for the content development of the sector.
In the view ofinternet literature writers, 81.3% of the respondents in the research survey believe that the most important factor ininternetliterature market competition is the quality of the literature content. Another two important factors are promotion ofinternetliterature platforms and innovation in the literature work. In the era where new authors started to take places,internet literature authors should take their innovation ability as the benchmark to evaluate and improve the content of their literature works.

The emergence and booming ofinternet literature IPs brought new opportunities to the market, and pan entertainment even endowedinternet literature with more properties of value and led to the linkage effect among different links in the industry chain. 

Currently, asinternet literature IPs developed further, the Brand of the authors became increasingly significant. On the one hand, online literature works gained solid market foundation based on the reader loyalty produced by their brand effects of writers.  And at the same time the brand effect helped to accelerate the development of popular IPs and enhanced the influence of IPs. Brand effect of writers benefited themselves and at the same time fueled the development of IPs, making a positive interaction within the industry.

Writers brand themselves with highly identifiable works with their unique styles. Good content helped to attract readers and form reader loyalty in the market, which laid solid reader base for the writers in online literature market competition. Brand of writers can stimulate incubation of IP,  facilitate the development of IPs and enhance the influence of the works.Internet literature has various ramifications and at present, there are rich IP reserves. 

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