Families With Maternity and Child Are Main Buyers of Passenger Vehicles in China

Source:iResearch June 11,20187:01 AM
Among all the vehicle buyers in 2017, families with maternity and child took a share of 38.0%. Considering that the real sales of passenger vehicles reached 24.03 million vehicles in China, families with maternity and child had bought over 9 million vehicles in 2017.
Currently the passenger vehicle sales in lower-tier cities (forth-tier cities and below) accounted for 40% in the total sales of passenger vehicle market in China, and the market is far from saturation judging from the low vehicle ownership per thousand people in lower-tier cities compared with that in third-tier cities and above. Meanwhile, lower-tier cities have a larger share of families with maternity and child in their residents. Thus, the vehicle market in lower-tier cities has a great potential in the future.
Users of maternal & child media have a significantly higher preference for the vehicles of joint venture brands than other media users, especially for brands with US ancestry or French ancestry. Meanwhile, medium-level priced vehicles between 80-250k Yuan are more popular. 

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