iResearch Analyzes Pan-Entertainment Copyright Protection in China

Source:iResearch June 13,201812:30 PM
By pirate digital music downloads calculated and estimated by iResearch, pirate digital music works may have caused 3.42 billion Yuan lost to the industry if all the works were priced as copyrighted versions. What’s more, iResearch estimated that viewers who watched pirate video but didn’t pay for the copyrighted version of the video caused at least 13.64 billion Yuan lost in user payment for the industry.

According to analysis of the piracy patterns, pirate websites and cloud resources are two common patterns for piracy in digital music, online video and internet literature. In recent years, administrative enforcement of law and enterprise litigation crack down on large pirate websites, while more and more small- and medium-sized pirate websites turn to overseas basements or develop secretly, which adds the difficulties to find and combat piracy. What’s more, pirate resources in network disk updates extremely fast and the download links can realize explosive spread based on the social channels. Thus, the harm of pirate resources in network disk still exists despite that quantities of cloud storage services and network disk services are shut down. 
According to the online user survey, more than 40% of users download pirate resources via pirate  website and cloud services in all the three fields.

The authority continues issuing related policy and law to protect the copyrighted contents.The relative functional dempartments such as National Copyright Administration of China take strong measures against the torts and piracy. Moreover, the three industries including digital music, online video, internet literature should set up an industry association and build a inegreated system to enhance the communication and coordination.For the companies in the industries, they should explore the ways to efficiently protect legal right. For example, they can use IT technology to stop piracy.

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