China's Heathcare Service Industry Has Great Potential

Source:iResearch July 09,201810:05 PM
The healthcare service industry has great potential in the growth of user base and the relative risk distribution market size is considerable. 
As the share of the elder in China climbing up year by year and the acceleration of aging of population, healthcare service industry is expected to have huge market potential. Since 2012, China’s healthcare service industry has been expanding and has kept a fast growth during 2012-2016. According to Outline of Healthy China 2030 released by the government, the market scale of healthcare service industry will reach 8 trillion Yuan in 2020 and 16 trillion Yuan in 2030.
Healthcare platform, as an important part for multi-platform cooperation and multi-industry coordination in healthcare service industry, is still in its initial development stage. In the future, healthcare platforms are expected to have larger development potential. 

Serious illness crowd funding, as an effective supplement funding method to traditional charity fundraising methods, is one business with the largest user traffic in healthcare service industry. It provides users with a convenient platform to raise money without any fees in a targeted way based on their strong social network. This fund-raising method is able to rapidly examine fund raiser’s information with the help of AI technology, and is able to trace the fund thanks to the blockchain technology, which makes the crowd-funding process and fund usage more transparent. By urging users to conduct pre-raising confirmation, the platforms get their social network and set the account of the medical care institution instead of their personal account as the target account. The crowd-funding platforms promote the effective usage of the money and strengthen people’s trust for them. 

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