Top Game Companies Transfer Strategy Emphasis to Mobile Game in China

Source:iResearch July 18,201811:01 AM
Among the top 10 listed online gaming companies in China, only Sohu Changyou and Cheetah Mobile Inc had mobile game revenues lower than their PC game revenues in Q1 2018, and their rankings fell to the bottom of the top 10 list. This to some extent indicated that many traditional PC game companies especially the domestic top gaming companies represented by 37 Interactive Entertainment, Yoozoo and Giant Network are shifting their core business to mobile gaming market.
In Q1 2018, Tencent seized over a half of mobile gaming market in China, revealing the company’s dominant position in mobile gaming market. 
In Q1 2018, the revenue of mobile gaming market approximated 42.5 billion Yuan with a YoY growth of 11.8% and a QoQ growth of 16.5%. This is the first time that China’s mobile gaming revenue exceeding 40 billion Yuan. In Q1 2018, Tencent released two official mobile games, PUBG: Ciji Zhanchang and PUBG: Quanjun Chuji. These two games, although not charged yet, played important role in attracting mobile game players. Meanwhile, the applet platform on WeChat made H5 games popular again, and leisure games like Piano II and Physics Balls attracted a lot of game players. What’s more, Chu Liuxiang developed by NetEase had breakthrough in MMORPG market and set a new benchmarking for mobile game quality and experience. 

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