Bilibili: One-month Suspension of Mobile App Download on Mainstream App Stores

Source:iResearch August 08,20189:32 AM
Bilibili, China’s popular online video platform for anime and comics, was removed from major Android app stores on July 26 due to inappropriate content. According
to media reports, the download service suspension will last one month from July 26 to August 25. Per our checks, Bilibili mobile app is now still available on iOS app store andcompany official website.

iResearch‘s view: We think the one-month suspension won’t have sizable impact on Bilibili.

First, Bilibili has become the most popular anime and comics community for generation Z in China. So far, we haven’t noticed any alternative platforms with strong competencies. We note that a similar content censorship (mainly on Japanese TV drama and anime) on Bilibili last year didn’t hinder MAU growth of its mobile app. The short-term download suspension won’t result in massive user loss. 

Second, mobile game is still the primary business of Bilibili, which accounted for 83.4% of total revenue in 2017. The financial impact caused by video app download suspension will be limited for now.

Additionally, Bilibili had promised to strengthen efforts in self-checking on published content and more than double the workforce of its content review team. Based on good

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