Revenue of China's Game Live Streaming Soars

Source:iResearch August 10,20189:41 AM
Revenue of China’s game live streaming surges thanks to the diversified revenue sources of related platforms and their show-platform-like operation. The revenue is expected to keep a stable rise in the future.
As game live streaming platforms explore new profit modes, revenue source of the platforms will be more and more diversified. Although reward from audience accounted for about 90% of the total revenue of game live streaming platforms in 2017, its share is expected to shrink in the future on the condition that advertising and game joint operation business develop. Share of other revenues will expand, and share of game joint operation revenue is forecasted to be the next main growth point. It is believed that the further cooperation between game live streaming platforms and game companies as well as the strong gaming-participation tendency among platform users will accelerate the revenue growth of game live streaming platforms. 

When top two game live streaming platforms released the information that they would be listed, they on the same day stated that Tencent had made the final investment before they are listed. The participation of Tencent indicated its desire for controlling top game live streaming platforms and its expectation for the future monetization ability of the platforms when Tencent was able to secure the safety of the main popularization channels of live streaming contents and other gaming-related contents. In the end, these two investments will result in a situation that two game live streaming platforms with largest market share in the industry having the same substantial shareholder, Tencent, and at the same time cast significant influence on other game companies and game live streaming platforms.

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