What Kind of Mobile Phones Are Most Popular Among College Students in China

Source:iResearch September 10,20189:23 AM
According to the survey and research conducted by iResearch, the average mobile phone ownership among freshmen in college is 1.35 units and the life span per mobile phone is 9 months among the user group; while the average mobile phone ownership among senior students is 2.75 units and the average life span of mobile phones is 17 months. The research results show that all college students except freshmen use one certain phone for more than 1 year, and this probably results from the demand for new mobile phone to adapt to the new environment among freshmen.

According to the research, male college students pay more attention to the performance of mobile phone’s processor as well as the size of internal storage, performance of the screen and other features that may directly influence the operation of the phone. Meanwhile, female college students have higher requirements for cameras of mobile phones and thus would like to have phones with larger storage space for photos.

Research data show that the average price of mobile phones used by male college students is roughly 2,938 Yuan, higher than that of female college students. The phone price among different grades presents an increase at the beginning and then drops and reaches the bottom among senior students.

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