Innovation, Integration and Optimizing Are The Keywords in China's Online Advertising Market

Source:iResearch September 12,201811:18 AM
In 2018, the quality and style of marketing content become important again. Telling a good story is the key for an advertisement to affect consumers’ decisions. In the pain point survey of advertisers, their demand for telling good stories, brand positioning, integrated marketing and emotional resonance is particularly prominent, confirming the importance of creativity in marketing activities.
Based on this concept and demand, there are many creative integrated marketing cases in 2017 and 2018. The key to the success of these cases is not merely limiting marketing to a single media or form, but to plan and carry out complete marketing activities through a harmonious story line, combined with a variety of creative forms and content carriers. Innovation is in every part of marketing in this process, and there is no feeling of inharmonious because of the overall planning.

From 2017 to 2018, China's online advertising focuses on "people" to an unprecedented level. The development of advertising changes with the shift of users’ attention: 1) In terms of forms, the forms of advertisements have become more diverse. Interactive methods and advertisement, etc., are moving toward smart integration. New and interesting ads bring better experience to users, the application of data and algorithm is more mature, and the placement is more targeted; 2) In terms of scenarios, the emerging advertisements of IoT represented by OTT, outdoor large screens, smart speakers, etc., are more deeply integrated into the diverse life scenarios of users; 3) In terms of carrier, the definition of "media" is constantly being broadened. Mini programs, short video+, etc. have expanded the forms of advertising carriers. Mobile manufacturers have layout in network services, tools, e-commerce, etc., targeting the advertising market.
In marketing, artificial intelligence technology is mainly used for accurate placement, anti-cheating, etc. There will be comprehensive changes in the future. It will be used in all aspects of the marketing process, such as decision-making, material production, placement, monitoring, etc., and improve the overall operational efficiency of the digital marketing ecosystem through the influence on each link and feedback.
This trend is first reflected in placement of performance-based ads. From 2017 to 2018, intelligent marketing service providers and media intelligent marketing platforms have launched oCPC and oCPM systems, assisted companies in continuously optimizing bid rules and processes in actual placement via artificial intelligence technology, helped advertisers gradually move from placement based on CPC or CPM to placement based on goals and actual results. With the refinement of the cost of advertisement placement, advertisers' demand for professional advertising optimizers has greatly increased, which keeps promoting the upgrades of systems and services. 

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