China's Mobile Gaming Revenue Increased 45.6% in 2017

Source:iResearch September 14,20182:48 PM
In 2017, China’s mobile gaming revenue approached 148.92 billion Yuan with a YoY growth of 45.6%. Although the growth rate is decelerating, the whole market still maintains a steady growth momentum.  Since the beginning of 2017, King of Glory started to boom up. The game became a phenomenal product quickly and kept a long-lasting prosperity as well. It attracted many new mobile game players to this market, and promoted development of the whole mobile game market as well. Meanwhile, due to the influence of “independent gaming spirit”, mobile games are of higher and higher quality, and mobile game players have gradually formed the payment habit and copyright protection awareness. As long as the game itself is outstanding, players are willing to pay for it even the game has high payment requirements.

In 2017, mobile game players approximated 603 million in China, and its growth was as high as 15.7% despite the exhausting demographic dividend. This is because the social networking nature of mobile games was strengthened in 2017, and mobile games attracted a lot of new players into the market thanks to the marketing of social platforms. iResearch holds the opinion that both the merits and drawbacks will become more obvious under the influence of social platforms,  and thus the high quality will be the key factor mobile games needs in order to win the market completion in the future. 

The shares of the top 5 companies in mobile gaming market have increased to varying degrees. The share of Tencent rose from 37.8% to 43.65%, which is the largest increase. The competition among small and medium sized enterprises will become fiercer.

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