Overview of The Value of Block Chain in Cross-Border Payment, Internet Copyright Protection and Online Gaming.

Source:iResearch September 28,20183:31 PM

In this article, iResearch Consulting Group analyzes the value of block chain in cross-border payment, internet copyright protection and online gaming.

The total number of transactions via CIPS was 2.56 million and average cost of cross-border payment transactions was 150-250 Yuan / transaction from Q1 2016 to Q2 2018.

Meanwhile, most blockchain-based cross-border payment projects are still at the trial stage without specific prices for the service. The cost for blockchain-based cross-border payment is mainly in development and maintenance of the system as well as the computation consumption in business confirmation process in the system. Suppose that the cost for per transaction business is 50 Yuan, and we then can get the conclusion after calculation that blockchain-based cross-border payment can save users around 100-200 Yuan per transaction for their payments.

“Blockchain + Online Copyright” model can not only help copyright holders to assure their rights but also bring profits to the content generators. According to related statistics, there are in total 25 million links to pirated works in 2017 and 2018, involving internet contents from more than 1,2000 new media platforms via PC websites, mobile apps and OTTs. 
From content generator perspective, “Blockchain + Online Copyright” can create the value of 3.75 billion.

The two types of games need large capital investment in marketing during gamer acquiring process, and the following transformation rate of gamers depends on players’ experience and discount offers of game products.

Currently, the user acquisition cost kept increasing in internet-related industries, and so is in online gaming industry. The market price for gamer acquisition is currently 10-100 Yuan per person, and we take the price “60 Yuan per person” as the calculation basement.
Due to the limitation of project implementation, there is currently no standard price for blockchain-based node radio marketing. We assume that the costs are mainly caused by computation consumption and compensation for nodes advertisement, and we take the price “10 Yuan per node” as the calculation basement for our report.

More details can be seen in 2018 China's Blockchain thinking Research Report

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