Revenue of China's Online Gaming Market For The First Time Dropped

Source:iResearch October 08,20181:37 PM
In Q2 2018, online gaming revenue totaled 57.36 billion Yuan in China, declining 10.8% compared with Q1 2018 and decreasing 3.6% versus the corresponding period of the previous year. This is the first time China online gaming revenue showed a YoY decrease in recent years. 
China’s online gaming authorization code approval policy was adjusted in Mar 2018, and as a result games in the market decreased by more than  2000 compared with the corresponding period of the previous year. However, considering that there is no sharp decline in the market, China’s online gaming market is still believed to present a growing trend when the authorization code management comes back to its normal track in the future.

In Q2 2018, mobile games took up as much as 65.1% of the total online gaming revenue, while PC games accounted for 28.6% in the overall market. Though the revenue of mobile gaming dropped slightly due to the policy adjustments, it still seized the dominant position in online gaming industry. As e-sport becomes an official item in international sport events, PC games may embrace a new period of prosperity, and its market share may be stable for a relatively long time in the future. 

The market share of Tencent declined a little bit due to the fact that two major tactical competition mobile games Tencent promoted didn’t start charging mechanism. Bilibili had eye-catching performance after it was listed in NASDAQ on Mar 28, 2018, surpassing a few traditional gaming companies and ranked the sixth in the market. 

More details can be seen in the Q2 2018 China's Interactive Entertainment Data Report
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