The Number of Mobile Game Players in China Broke 500 Mn in Q2 2018

Source:iResearch October 17,201810:10 AM

The number of mobile game players soared in China and broke 500 million in Q2 2018 thanks to the popularization of high cost-performance phones, construction of Internet-related infrastructures and precise content pushes from diversified apps. Meanwhile, the quality of mobile games improved tremendously, and many mobile games offers better experience to players than the corresponding PC games, which probably lead to the most severe drop of PC game players in recent years.

Top gaming companies are gradually transferring their business focus from PC games to mobile games while maintaining a stable income. For some traditional PC game companies like NetDragon Websoft, the share of mobile gaming revenue in their total revenue is expanding as well. At the meantime, a series of game companies like BiliBili who rely only on mobile games invaded into the market as well. Thus, it is believed that mobile games will play a dominant role in China’s online gaming market in the near future.

In Q2 2018, China’s online gaming publishing approval policy was adjusted, and as a result mobile games in the market decreased obviously compared with the corresponding period of the previous years, which directly resulted in the decline of mobile gaming revenue for the first time in recent two years. However, the decline range is believed to be within reason. iResearch holds the opinion that stricter industrial regulation will promote the healthy development of gaming market. When policy adjustments are finished and companies are familiar with the new policies, China’s online gaming market will embrace an admiring growth for a long period of time. 

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