Traffic Growth of China's Mobile Internet Services Decelerates in 2018

Source:iResearch October 30,201812:38 PM
With improving and upgrading of mobile internet basic infrastructure and increasing in penetration rate of mobile devices, the unique devices China’s mobile Internet access to has exceeded 1.3 billion units in June 2018, rising 9.5% compared with December 2017.
Despite the increase, monthly unique devices of mobile Internet service apps slowed down its growth in 2018. For the exhaustion of demographic dividend, the user acquiring cost rises. Therefore, mobile Internet companies are expected to develop diversified business and combine online and offline businesses as well as search for potential paying users in their existing user base. 

Until June 2018, the top 3 segments in China’s mobile Internet market are mobile video services, messaging & chatting services and utility tools in terms of their monthly unique devices. Monthly unique devices of messaging & chatting apps, the core traffic entrance to mobile Internet, exceeded one billion in April 2017, and after that the unique devices of mobile video apps and utility tool apps broke one billion as well in May 2017.
In July 2017, the monthly unique devices of Tencent Video app and iQiYi app rocketed up and resulted in a huge development of video service industry. At that time, video service industry for the first time owned more monthly unique devices than messaging & chatting service industry. Later, video service industry topped messaging & chatting service industry in monthly unique devices again in January 2018 thanks to people’s rigid demand for online video entertainment and the booming of short videos.

Messaging & chatting service apps represented by WeChat was most frequently used among all the mobile apps in China in June 2018, as each user used messaging & chatting apps 11.6 times per day, increasing by 1.99 times compared with the corresponding period of 2017.
Among the top 10 app industries regarding their daily using frequency, healthcare apps had the highest YoY growth in the using frequency per user per day which increased by 2.5 times. The growth can be attributed to the popularity for doing exercise these days and increasing concern about health issues.

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