Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent All Invaded Online Healthcare Industry With Big Data + AI Technologies

Source:iResearch November 08,201812:56 PM
In 2017, China’s online health care market size was estimated to reach 15.47 billion Yuan with a YoY growth of 19.8%. B2C medicine e-commerce took the largest share and contributed 89.2% to the total market size, and advertising revenue ranked the second. With the releasing of regulation policies for market segments, China’s online healthcare will enter an adjustment period. Meanwhile, when the prescriptions are disclosed by the original producers of the medicine and more participants acquire the right to give diagnosis and prescriptions online, three pillar online healthcare market segments will further grow according to the estimation by iResearch Consulting Group.

Many Internet companies started their exploration in healthcare big data + AI industry in recent years. Alibaba concentrated on the midstream of the industry chain and takes cloud service and AI technology as the main focuses; Tencent invest more in application development, build  some online healthcare service interface and established a series of related offline services; Baidu, at the meantime, shift the focus to applying AI technology in new medicine development after its strategic adjustments in healthcare business in 2017. iResearch holds the opinion that Alibaba may expand its cooperation with business-side offline service providers in various fields, such as local medical care, gene services and auxiliary diagnosis in 2018. As for Tencent, the company may cooperate with more technology companies to complete its business-side application development projects for local medical care platforms and information platforms.

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