Competition Among Online Gaming Companies Are Still Fierce

Source:iResearch January 08,201911:08 AM
In Q3 2018, both Tencent and NetEase released their long-waited gaming products and achieved satisfying records during the promotion period. However, the prosperity didn’t last for long. After the promotion period, both of them encountered severe player drain, and the follow-ups remain to be seen. Competition among gaming companies at the bottom of the list is still fierce nowadays. How to survive the period with strict game approval policy is the primary issue gaming companies are faced with. 

In Q3 2018, the revenue of China’s PC online gaming market barely maintained the previous level and attained 20.21 bn Yuan with a QoQ growth of 0.8% and a YoY decline of 7.3% thanks to the great client game named Nishuihan from NetEase. Despite the declining popularity of PC games, PC single-player games get more attention from gamers. Domestic single-player client games on STEAM platform such as The Scroll of Taiwu and Chinese Parents all attracted much attention and had admiring sales. As the “STEAM China” program is processing, PC games are expected to embrace its next prosperity in the following years.
In Q3 2018, the servers of China’s webpage games declined. Lanyue Chuanqi again ranked the top among all the webpage games, showing an outstanding competitiveness and vitality; Tai Chi Jueqi didn’t perform as well as in the previous quarter and its server number decreased 50% as well. Meanwhile, the component of top 10 webpage games was refreshed by four games, namingly Mieshen, Xuemeng Rongyao, Hongyue Chuanshuo and Datianshen. What’s more, 37 Interactive Entertainment still held a dominant position in webpage gaming market among all the gaming platforms and developers. 

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