Strengths and Challenges of K12 Dual-teacher Classes in China

Source:iResearch January 25,20193:29 PM
Based on interactive live streaming cloud services, a good teacher can simultaneously participate in several courses and have a better experience than pure online courses, which will greatly increase the production of good teachers and magnifies their influence. For nationwide or regional top institutions, dual-teacher mode helps their market expansion to lower- tier cities; for local small institutions, however, the cooperation based on dual-teacher mode introduces high-quality teaching and improves their educational abilities; For teachers, dual-teacher mode offers them more possibilities for a higher income and as a result good teachers may have a lower desire to change the institution they are working for; and for users, especially users in less-developed regions, dual-teacher mode accesses them to high-quality educational resources. Secondly, dual-teacher mode can improve the efficiency of teachers while at the same time guarantee the quality of educational experience. This is crucial in the sustainable and healthy expansion of nationwide or regional top education institutions. 

Dual-teacher mode currently has some tricky problems to solve as well. Cost is the first problem. The mode reduces costs for main teachers in the courses, while increases expenditures on devices and teacher assisting. Meanwhile, the demand for offline classrooms results in a series of certifications from the government, such as business license, fire control certificate and educational business permit, which increases the operational cost compared with purely online modes. Solution to this issue is further expansion for a scale effect or cooperation with other institutions.
The second challenge is student attracting. Given that dual-teacher mode is a new education mode and has a low acknowledgment among parents, many people are not willing to send their kids to courses with this premature education mode, which add to the difficulty to obtain enough students. Currently, most institutions offer discount for the courses to attract parents and then maintain their student source with good services. 
The third is the teaching effect challenge. In-class interaction, cooperation between main lecturer and teacher assistant as well as service before, during and after classes will all affect the learning experience, and all these issues are closely related with teacher assisting work. Thus, it is of vital importance to attach more importance to teacher assistant training, improve the quality of teacher assisting services and standardize the works of teacher assistants. 
In addition, it is very important to know how to localize the teaching content. Currently, both New Oriental and Tomorrow Advancing Life adopted the strategy of establishing branch campuses in the same district or the same province and share the educational resources among branch campuses to solve this problem. 

More details can  be seen in 2019 China's K12 Dual-teacher Classes Report

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