Online Flight & Train Ticket Booking Market Experienced Stable Growth in 2018

Source:iResearch January 28,20199:16 AM

In 2017, the GMV of China’s online flight ticket booking market has reached 480.90 billion Yuan with a YoY growth of 27.1% compared with the previous year. Meanwhile, the related products were more diversified and the online market became more mature in 2017. Apart from traditional online sales channels like direct-sales channel and OTA distribution channel, mini program booking channel also contributed much to the further rise of online-coverage rate of online flight ticket booking market.

Increase in traffic volume on railway and expansion of online train ticket booking ratio jointly promoted the growth of online train ticket market.
In 2017, the GMV of China’s online train ticket booking market reached 329.94 billion Yuan with a YoY growth of 30.0%. Compared with online flight ticket booking market, online train ticket booking showed higher growth rate. This higher growth can be attributed to two main factors. One is the rise of online trading ratio brought by increasing penetration rate in train ticket, and the other is the higher trading volume resulted from the more convenience of high-speed railway.  

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