Subscription E-Commerce Provides a Personalized and Lower-Cost Marketing Choice For Non-Top Apparel Brands

Source:iResearch February 02,201910:04 AM

Top players in the online apparel market seize most of the traffic and guide the comprehensive user traffic among different online stores and brands. In the future, brand will develop from massification to personalization. Correspondingly, customers will be more dispersed. Thus, targeted and effective traffic is the key for the development of one single brand. What makes things interesting is that one of the key words for apparel e-commerce subscription services is “personalized”on a recurring basis.

Traditional e-commerce recommends products based on the past purchase data of the customers to facilitate them to search for suitable goods.Subscription e-commerce focuses on personalized services and helps subscribed products to reach the right customers based on “mini data”.

For non-top apparel brands, traffic from subscription e-commerce is more targeted and thus has a higher transformation rate.It is easier for subscription e-commerce to acquire customers’ response and then the brands will adjust their products correspondingly based on the responses.
More details can be seen in 2019 China's New Consumption Trend Report

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