Revenue of China's SNS Market Is Estimated to Exceed 270 Bn Yuan in 2020

Source:iResearch March 07,20193:55 PM

Revenue of China’s SNS market is estimated to exceed 270 billion Yuan in 2020 and the bargaining power of main players in the market is improving. In 2018, social advertising revenue totaled 61.35 billion Yuan with a growth higher than that of the entire SNS market.

The revenue of China’s social networking service (SNS) market is estimated to reach 152.18 billion Yuan in 2018 and is forecasted to exceed 270 billion Yuan in 2020.

The development of SNS market can be attributed to the growth of socialized marketing and social value-added services. As customers have higher sensitivity towards traditional advertisements, socialized marketing receives more and more attention nowadays and has become one indispensable marketing channel for advertisers. Revenue of social value-added services increases as users’ payment habit is gradually formed, and thus value-added social network services had admiring performance as well in 2018. 

In 2018, the revenue of China’s social advertising is expected to attain to 61.35 billion Yuan and is estimated to exceed 100 billion Yuan in 2020. Native marketing methods has become the main engine for the development of online advertising since 2017. SNS- based news feed ads together with other socialized marketing offered advertisers more opportunities to establish connection with customers in affection and brand resonance. Meanwhile, the integration of socialized marketing and offline marketing is well-reasoned and creates better experience for customers. Thus it is believed to have great potential in the future.

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