Revenue of China's Online Dating & Matchmaking Industy Approximated 5 Bn Yuan in 2018

Source:iResearch March 15,20193:07 PM
In 2018, the revenue of China's online dating & matchmaking industry reached 4.99 billion Yuan and its penetration rate in general dating & matchmaking industry attained 54.4%. It is estimated that the revenue will keep a steady growth and exceed 7 billion Yuan in 2021. Therefore, the penetration rate will further rise in the future.
iResearch believes that the growth of online dating & matchmaking industry has recovered, fueled by capital market. Core online dating & matchmaking companies are actively expanding their businesses to wedding ceremony services, marriage consulting services and financial services via the industrial network based on their brand influence. Baihe & Jiayuan Group as the core company in this market had great achievements in its dual-brand operation, and the fast development of Zhenai also promoted the overall growth of the industry as well. In the future, core online dating & matchmaking companies will dig deeper in the market and the industry is expected to maintain a steady growth.

Combination of new technology represented by AI and online dating & matchmaking service will make future dating & matchmaking services more creative. Online dating & matchmaking industry has long been beset with data security issues and matching accuracy issues. As technologies like big data technology  are getting maturing, service model in online dating & matchmaking industry will change in the future. New technologies will further improve the satisfaction level among users and reduce operational cost of both online platforms and offline stores. As a result, this cooperation will present synergy benefits and promote the service upshift in online dating & matchmaking industry. 
According to data from mUserTracker, Jiayuan app, Beihe app and Zhenai app ranked the top among China’s online dating & matchmaking platforms regarding their monthly unique device number in November 2018, and Laren Xiangqin app, Yuehuiba app and love.163 apps composed the second echelon in the industry. When it comes to monthly effective using time, Jiayuan app, Baihe app, Zhenai app, love.163 app and Lianai Shenqi app can be categorized as the first-echelon platforms, while Youyuan app, Lanren Xiangqin app and Tongcheng Relian app  were in the second echelon.

Given the clear aim of using online dating platforms, iResearch holds the opinion that mobile terminal products provided by online dating platforms should secure the privacy of users and at the meantime develop functions of different types, such as wide-coverage functions like short video and online classes, interactive functions like targeted promotion and customized search result matching as well as display functions like App UI design.

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