CASICloud Is an Attractive Investment Target

Source:iResearch March 26,20192:21 PM
With "Information Exchange, Resource Sharing, Capacity Collaboration, Open Cooperation and Win-Win Outcome" as the core philosophies, CASICloud offers platform services, purchase information platforms, products and solutions and a series of value-added services, aiming at facilitating the transformation and upshifting of traditional manufacturing companies. INDICS platform service plays the role as the foundation of CASICloud and provides cloud manufacturing, industrial big data analysis, intelligent manufacturing, resource sharing platform based on industrial product trades, operation and certification of innovation centers targeting at start-ups and other services. The purchase information platform mainly offers information about products and related demands for companies to help them find high-quality partners. Products and solutions mainly refer to standard or customized solutions for different industries, which integrate the diversified abilities of the platform service.

CASICloud is an industrial Internet platform featuring cloud manufacturing. Its advantages lie in the complete space industry system and new information technologies it is based on. 

CASICloud is an industrial Internet company with central state-owned enterprise background. Its organizational structure meets the current requirements of industrial Internet development policies published by local government, and this structure greatly benefits the commercial expansion of the company. China is now encouraging the development of industrial Internet. Meanwhile, the size of global industrial Internet platforms keeps rising and the development environment is currently favorable. CASICloud, although have shortcomings compared with foreign platforms, is at the leading position in this field in China, and it is actively exploring commercial models suitable for its development. Despite the unsatisfying revenue structure currently, CASICloud generally operates smoothly and has achieved high growth rate in both revenue and profit. Comprehensively, CASICloud in China can be regarded as one industrial Internet platform with high-quality development, aerospace science and engineering background, and bright future in Chinese industrial Internet field. Although the investment payback period might be long, the investment risk on this project is relatively small, thus CASICloud can be one attractive investment target for investors. 

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