Revenue of China's Core Culture Industry Is Estimated to Break 5 Tn Yuan in 2019

Source:iResearch April 08,20198:41 AM
In 2017, the revenue of core culture industry reached 4.4 trillion Yuan in China with a YoY growth of 18.9%, and it is expected to break 5 trillion Yuan in 2019. Given the healthy development of Chinese economy, people nowadays have stronger willingness for cultural consumptions.
Forward charge mode of digital content is accepted by more and more users with the improvements of copyright protection regulation and the development of electric payment. Online gaming, online video, online music and other traditional Internet contents completed the early market education and laid foundation for the future commercialization of VR contents. 
Compared with six-free-degree camera under complete control plus new VR content, VR with 360° panorama will provide users with more fresh experiences of traditional contents. In this scenario, users don’t need to adopt new concepts or cultivate new habit, so VR can smoothly convert traditional content industry as new consumption stimulation. Only 0.1% conversion rate will mean 5 billion Yuan more revenue. 

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