China's Information Flow Advertising Revenue Is Expected to Hit 250 Bn Yuan in 2020

Source:iResearch May 07,201910:12 AM
In 2018, information flow advertising revenue reached 109.04 billion Yuan in China and is expected to exceed 250 billion Yuan in 2020. The growth rate of information flow advertising revenue was 109.3% in 2016, 91.5% in 2017 and 58.3% in 2018, and it is estimated to be still higher than 45% in 2020. Although the growth decelerates in recent years, information flow advertising still plays an important role in online advertising market and fuels the development of online advertising industry.

Information flow advertising will shift gradually from product-centered contents to consumer-centered contents. Information flow advertising has developed for some years. Although it has greatly weakened its sense of presence among the audience, most advertisers still stuck to still product-centered advertising display with large page coverage instead of consumer-centered contents.
iResearch holds the opinion that information flow advertising will be based on consumers’ demands in current consumption scenarios like many other advertising forms in the future. The advertising contents will put more emphasis on dissemination of marketing concepts besides pure sales guidance.

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