GMV of China's Enterprise Purchase E-commerce Broke 600 Bn Yuan in 2018

Source:iResearch May 29,20198:42 AM
China’s enterprise purchase e-commerce market developed fast and its GMV exceeded 600 billion Yuan in 2018. Currently, the market entered a favorable environment for development and the penetration rate of e-commerce in business enterprises is improving as well. In the future, the integration of industrial Internet and consumption Internet will accelerate and deepen the development of enterprise purchase e-commerce industry chain, and the market is believed to have a huge space for further development. iResearch estimates that the GMV of China’s enterprise purchase e-commerce will break 1 trillion Yuan by 2021 and reach 1443.1 billion Yuan with a compounded annual growth of 33.6% in the next three years.

After years of development, the market of China’s enterprise purchase e-commerce market is now mainly composed of three types of purchase platforms: purchase platforms derived from B2B e-commerce, purchase platforms derived from consumer-oriented  e-commerce and purchase platforms built by brands. The platforms have their own advantage in respective field and have obvious top effect.
iResearch holds the opinion that enterprise purchase e-commerce platforms that covers the full variety of general consumer goods and industrial products in traditional markets will accelerate their competition and expansion strategies. In 2018, the companies in the first echelon took up 70% of China’s enterprise purchase e-commerce market by GMV.

Three platforms from Alibaba had synergetic development
Given the proceeding of supply-side structure reform, transparent order purchase as well as cost reduction and efficiency improvement in enterprises, Alibaba built three enterprise-level service platforms, 1688 enterprise purchase platform (, Taobao enterprise service platform and Tmall enterprise purchase platform (, to satisfy the diversified demand of enterprise purchase in the market. These three platforms deepened their development in segments they have advantages, and at the same time established an industrial ecosystem that support the joint development of collaborative eco. 

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