Internet Literature Had Positive Development in China in 2018

Source:iResearch June 12,20199:07 AM
In 2018, China’s Internet literature industry maintained its healthy development. The number of internet literature readers increased steadily . The readers increased 5.43 million to 430 million with a growth rate of 14.3% compared with 2017. The number of internet literature readers is expected to have further growth in the futrue. iResearch holds the opinion that the industry was trying to increase their readers by integrating the whole scenario in the industry, attacting traffic from various dimentions and pre-installing apps into mobile phones so as to obtain a higher growth. Meanwhile, the young users grow up with the internet, and they have strong interaction ability, marketing ability and consumption ability. Therefore, they can bring great vitality to the industry and push up the number of intenet literature users.

In 2018 the revenue of Internet literature totaled 15.35 billion Yuan in China, up 20.3% versus the previous year, presenting a steady growth as well. iResearch holds the opinion that since 2015, the first year of IP exploitation in China, digital reading derived markets experienced great prosperity and high-quality IPs enhanced users’ willingness to pay. Meanwhie, given a series of anti-pirate policies issued by Chinese government, copyright of digital reading is better proteted nowadays, which further fueled the revenue growth of digital reading market. In 2018, the cross-section integration was even more significant. Investment and acquisition of film companies and animation companies and deep strategic cooperation with the entertainment companies promoted internet literature business upshifting and improved the creativity and vitality of the internet literature companies. Along with the revenue increase in payment digital reading, copyright operation revenue in digital reading increased fast in 2018 as well and accounted for a significantly larger share in the revenue of the whole industry. In the future, copyright operation may become the main growth driver in the industry and the whole digital reading industry will maintain a healthy development.

The development of Chinese economy and the improvement of Chinese readers’ consumption ability further stimulated the desire for reading among the public and demand for high-quality works with rich content to satisfy people’s spiritual and cultural needs. Considering this growing demand, the government actively improved the guidance for Internet literature development with increasingly complete content valuation standard and multi-dimentional development of Internet literature content construction. Internet literature platforms now have developed better self-decipline awareness, established more scientific and reasonable content examine and valuation standard and attached more imporatance to the quality of content. Meanwhile, writers have developed stronger social sense of social responsibility and create works that better meet the demand of the times.
Internet literature with more diversified and high-quality contents will be the future trends. Popular works will not be all about fantasy stories or love story but also contain realism contents, animation contents and contents in other vertical segments. In 2018, 24 works from the outstanding original Internet literature recommendation list are of realism, animation and other themes, and realism works accounted for more than half of them. What’s more, Yuewen, iReader, Zongheng and other Internet literature platforms organized many realism work article solicits to look for more good works which reflect the real life of readers and are able to evoke sympathy among readers. 
The government and industry attaches great importance to people’s strong demand for high-quality literatures, and thus takes a series of actions for building a standard Internet literature market. The government releases policies to guide the future development of the industry, fights against pirate works, protects original literatures and supports creation and writing of writers. These actions lay solid foundation for the long-term development of high-quality contents. In the future, more high-quality works will emerge, and the content will be more diversified, more close to current situation in the society and more targeted at the interests of readers. Works welcomed by readers and passing positive energy will improve people’s mental world. High-quality content offering with higher efficiency will be the future trend in Internet literature industry.
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