Revenue of Digital Reading Industry Attained 15.35 Bn Yuan in China in 2018

Source:iResearch June 28,20199:58 AM
In 2018, the revenue of Internet literature attained 15.35 billion Yuan , rising 20.3% compared with the previous year, showing a steady growth in 2018.iResearch holds the opinion that since 2015, the beginning year of IP in China, the digital reading derived market has experienced the admiring development, as huge-quality IP raised users’ willingness to pay. Meanwhile, the series of anti-online-pirating policies released by the government enhanced copyright protection in digital reading, which further stimulated the fast growth of digital reading market. Since 2018, good content started a new accumulation stage, and the growth of the market slowed down at the same time. 

China’s digital reading industry witnessed fast growth in copyright operation revenue and pluralistic development of business modes.In 2018, the revenue share of copyright businesses grew fast and reached 11.1% with a significant expansion. Copyright businesses are expected to be one major revenue growth driver for large Internet literature companies.

iResearch holds the opinion that the series of anti-online-pirating policies released by the government greatly protected the copyright of digital reading. What’s more, the merger and acquisition in the industry as well as the further exploration and monetization of the rich contents core Internet literature companies possess promoted the revenue growth of copyright operation as well.

Business modes of digital reading started to shift, and “free + advertising” mode started to take off.Since Aug 2018, among top 10 mobile digital reading apps, some free reading apps had surprising performance in the monthly unique users, and in the following months, the growth rate of their user base presented a growing trend despite of some fluctuations. However, the free reading mode didn’t caused challenge for paid reading mode, as the low user overlapping level of free reading apps and paid reading apps to some extent proved the users free reading apps attracted were entrants in digital reading, but are not the existing users of other paid reading apps.

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