Revenue of Video Game Live Streaming Market Soared Over 60% in 2018

Source:iResearch August 07,20198:27 AM
In 2018, revenue of live game streaming market soared 60% to 13.19 billion Yuan in China. and it’s expected to hit 25 billion Yuan by 2020. At present, live game streaming market is in the stage of commcialization deepening. Some leading game live streaming platforms are expanding innovative paid services such as bullet screen and events quizzes to raise viewers’ rewards and payments and finally the revenue of the whole live game streaming market.

In 2018, game prop rewards are absolutely major source of revenue for game live streaming platforms and accounted for 88.7% in their revenue. The proportion is estimated to expand in the future. Game live streaming platforms will decelerate the development of business which can be monetized and develop diversified services such as the membership service, joint operation of games and playing game with internet celebrity. 

In 2018, users of game live streaming platforms totaled 260 million, rising 21.6% compared with the previous year. New games such as tactical competition are emerging. At the same time, different level of game tournaments continuously appear and improve, and some short video platforms start game live streaming business, which push up the growth of game live streaming viewers. It’s expected that the growth of the viewers will decelerate in the future and game live streaming sector will focus on the mining of viewers and monetization in the future.

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