Just-in-Time Logistics Have A Huge Potential in The Future

Source:iResearch August 09,20198:39 AM
Just-in-time logistics companies make more efforts to develop food delivery O2O, new retail and express end-market. Furthermore, expansion of just-in-time logistics services and growth of logistic demand raise the rising of logistic cost, which reflects from the side that the whole just-in-time logistic sector has a healthy development and huge potential. 
With the emerging of food delivery O2O, just-in-time logistics sector saw an explosive growth for a period. In recent two years, its growth decelerated. and just-in-time logistics companies sought for new business besides food delivery.
At present, the rising new retail market and online shopping market produce the great demand for just-in-time logistics. In new retail market, just-in-time logistics companies can use the least time to help new retail companies with the best quality of delivery service. In online shopping market, contradiction between the increasing express delivery business volume and acute labor shortage make a new field for just-in-time companies. and they can supplement transport capacity in the end market.

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