High-End Equipment Manufacturing Has Vast Prospects in China

Source:iResearch September 04,20198:22 AM
Manufacturing is the base of a powerful country. Therefore, development of high-end equipment manufacturing is of great significance. High-end equipment manufacturing covers aviation, aerospace, rail transit, deep-sea oil drilling and other fields, all of which are systematic engineering, showing the comprehensive national industrial power and technology power.
As the rising of China’s independent innovative capability and basic industrial level, China has made breakthrough in these fields. But there is a significant gap in some fields between China and some foreign countries. In order to better integrate with social resources and implement innovation-driven strategy and military-civilian integration strategy, China can try such routes as public-private partnership and production-research cooperation model to develop high-end equipment manufacturing to safeguard national life line and national security while arousing the enthusiasm of enterprises and scientific research institutions.
High-end equipment manufacturing refers to equipment and products with high industrial added value. The chart below includes data on aviation, aerospace, rail transit, deep-sea oil drilling, numerical control machine tool and industrial robot. Data on large ship and 3D printer are not counted. In the future, more high-end equipment will be widely used with the advance of industrialization, intelligentization and datamation.

In China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industries, besides high-speed train industry with mature and complete industrial system, other industries are still in the development stage and even some industries are in experimental stage. Once they begin mass production, they will generate great business value. For high-end equipment manufacturing can create more value in the downstream. The chart below only includes six high-end equipment manufacturing industries. In the future, more data on high-end equipment manufacturing industries will be counted.

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