Revenue of Running Sports Industry Is Estimated to Hit 360 Bn Yuan by The End of 2019

Source:iResearch September 25,20198:38 AM

Running sports industry has good development in China, encouraged by national policies, national fitness craze and increasing of sports population. Its revenue is expected to hit 360 billion Yuan by the end of 2019 and even break 400 billion Yuan by 2020.


Among the industry segments, running shoes and clothes revenue has a steady growth and takes up the largest share in running sports industry. As categories of running related smart devices enrich and the functions of the smart devices improve, the smart devices are estimated to occupy an expanding share. For the expansion of core runners, they have stronger demand for the related service. Large enterprises’ demand for the culture building of running team is rising stably. Running sports service segments will further develop. At the same time, running event operational revenue composed by entry fee, tickets and sponsorship fee is expected to have steady growth.
According to sports purpose and consumption demand of general runners and core runners, running sports industry chain in China can be divided into two parts, running sports service and running event service. The two parts can attract runners for each other. Running sports service providers can provide products, operation support and commercial sponsorship for running events. In other words, running events is the main monetization way for running sports service providers.

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