Revenue of Education Information Market in China Will Grow at a Stable Rate in The Next Two Years

Source:iResearch October 08,20198:34 AM
According to statistics and calculation data from iResearch Consulting Group, the revenue of education information market in China is expected to exceed 430 billion Yuan in 2019 and will keep growing but at a stable rate in the next two years.
The fast growth in the education information 1.0 period was driven by the fact that purchase of hardware equipment was promoted in a top-down approach. After The 19th Session of National Congress of The Communist Party of China, hardware equipment is well popularized. and in the period of education information 2.0 featuring customer-oriented software and service market, the players are competing for the tracks. In the future, with the application of 5G, AI, VR/AR and other technologies in the education sector, new hardware upgrade, software services covering all the teaching activities as well as the increase in the paying scenarios of the Consumer users, etc., will create new opportunities for the fast revenue growth of the entire education information market. 

The enterprises in the upstream are highly concentrated, Those in the middle stream are very fragmented and are heavily influenced by channels when developing downstream market. 

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