2020 China’s AIoT Industry Report

Source:iResearch April 01,20203:07 PM

Definition of AIoT

Collaborative Application of AI and IoT

Emerged in 2018, AIoT means that the system collects all kinds of information in real-time through various information sensors (usually in the monitoring, interaction, and connection scenarios), and intelligently analyzes the data through machine learning on the terminal devices, edge domain or cloud centers, including positioning, comparison, prediction, scheduling, etc. At the technical level, AI gives IoT to perception and recognition abilities, and the IoT provides AI with data for training algorithms. At the commercial level, the two work together in the real economy sector, promoting industrial upgrading and optimizing the experience. As to the specific types, there are three major categories: networked intelligent devices with sensing/interaction capabilities, equipment asset management through machine learning, and systemic solutions with networked devices and AI capabilities. From the perspective of collaboration, it mainly solves the problems of perception intelligence, analysis intelligence and control/execution intelligence.

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