2020 China’s Insurance Technology Industry Report

Source:iResearch April 10,20205:42 PM

Financing Situation of The Insurance Technology Industry 

The insurance technology industry is attractive to the capital and will experience a window period for getting listed in the next 3 to 5 years.

As one of the subdivisions of financial technology, the insurance technology industry received the first round of financing boom in 2015. However, compared to fintech fields such as payment and credit, the development of insurance technology has been more gradual. The investment and financing data of the primary market show that the financing amount in the insurance technology industry reached 3.98 billion yuan in 2019, which means that insurance technology is still attractive to the capital. Meanwhile, the innovation capabilities of the insurance technology startups continuously bring vitality to the industry. The business models include empowering agents, corporate group insurance / scenario customization, insurance agency platform, and insurance technical services for enterprises. After years of development, there are mature companies in every sub-track. It is expected that in the next three to five years, there will be a window period for startups in the insurance technology sector to get listed.

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