2020 China AI + Education Industry Development Report

Source:iResearch April 24,20204:30 PM
Positioning of AI+ Education

Building an intelligent engine for the modernization of education

In the AI industry, the finance, marketing, security, and customer service areas perform better in the aspects of IT infrastructure, data quality, and the acceptance cycle of new technologies as well as other basic conditions for AI development. Their commercial penetration rates are higher and they can better improve the traditional industries. However, in the education industry, the overall AI level is low, the data quality is uneven, and the effect of the solutions is not satisfying. However, thanks to the strong policy support and the market's huge demand for AI, the AI + education's business models are gradually becoming clear, and its value space is large.

In the education industry, after-school education is developing online. The user experience of online teaching is bad and the teaching effect is not clear. It takes a long term for users to accept new technologies. More intelligent products are needed.  School education is developing towards informatization. The low information literacy of teachers and students and low frequency of information equipment in schools lead to the lack of core teaching data, making it more difficult to mine and analyze educational data. Therefore, the implementation of intelligent solutions is urgently needed.

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