2020 Supply Chain of Fresh Agricultural Products in China

Source:iResearch May 09,20202:46 PM

Fresh agricultural products have formed an industry chain structure centered around the wholesale market. The boom of fresh food e-commerce might accelerate the penetration of the “farming-supermarket” docking model and the optimization of the circulation system.

Many retail formats, such as big supermarkets, fresh food e-commerce, fresh food supermarkets and convenience store will bring more space for supply chain integration. Logistic management and cold chain layout will become crucial factors in aspects such as product cost optimization, product quality control, and product brand building.

The fresh agricultural product logistics system develops fast but the supply is still insufficient. The systemic cold chain logistics is the core driving force behind the fresh food supply chain in the next 3-5 years. 

According to statistics of Ministry of Commerce in 2015, fruits The cold chain circulation rate of & vegetables, meat, aquatic products in China was 22%, 34%, 41% respectively, which was much lower than 95% circulation rate in the developed countries. The scale of cold chain logistics in China will reach 339.1 billion yuan in 2019 and maintain an annual growth rate of over 15%. The demand for Cold chain logistics will further increase.

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