2020 Shareable Charger Industry Report

Source:iResearch May 14,20202:50 PM

Shareable charger market revenue is expected to further Increase

•Market size: The current leasing business accounts for around 97.2% of the overall transaction size, followed by advertising. The transaction size of China 's shareable charger leasing business reached 7.91 billion yuan in 2019, and the compound growth rate in the next three years will be around 44.9%.
•Voice in the supply chain:The numerous upstream suppliers are scattered. But there are not many high-quality resources that can match the operators with high requirements. It is still difficult to cooperate with large manufactures. The settlement cost in high-quality locations in the downstream rises. The users' habit has formed and the industry increases its standards of charges.
•The business models include the self-operating model, service provider model and agency model. The first two are the main models.

•Profitability: In the direct operation model, the gross margin of the TOP 4 shareable charger companies in 2019 was around 25%. The profitability is stable.

The market pattern gradually becomes stable and the competition becomes increasingly fierce

•Currently, Jiedian, Laidian, Xiaodian and Energy Monster are in leading place in the aspects of user scale, equipment density and range, and main revenue.
•The competitive landscape has been more fixed in 2019. In terms of rental income, the CR4 of the industry in 2019 was as high as 84.9%.
•The core competitiveness of shareable charger includes: capital, products, operation and scale. In the short term, capital strength is still the most important competitiveness. With time goes by, operations and products will gradually increase.

The window period of the industry is far from over. Markets in lower cities and diverse monetization are the key in the future development.

•The industry will probably achieve obvious recovery in three months after the end of the epidemic. The consumer markets in the second-tier cities will probably recover faster.
•There is no breakthrough in battery technology. The dividend period of the leasing business and the window period of the innovation businesses will last for some time.
•The explosive growth of 5G has brought more demand. It is expected that the market size will grow rapidly in 2021 and 2022.
•The head companies accelerate their penetration in third and fourth-tier cities. The proportion of channel operators will probably increase in the short term.

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