2019 China’s To B K12 Education Industry Report

Source:iResearch June 02,202010:06 AM

The market revenue of the To B K12 education industry exceeded 13 billion yuan in 2019 and will reach around 20 billion yuan in 2022. In the future, with the gradual increase in customer penetration rate and per customer transaction, the market space will exceed 100 billion yuan. The revenue of Aixuexi (content and technology-driven K12 education supply platform, former Gaosi Education) is the highest in the industry. Weilai Mofaxiao (comprehensive supply platform of K12 education), Aiqile (supplier of children's English textbooks), Xiao E Tech (lightweight SaaS platform) are also representative companies, with Tengyue Headmaster Online (provider of principal management training services), First Future (provider of online foreign teacher services) following closely. The market competitive landscape is fragmented. The one-stop solution service providers will increase market concentration.

According to iResearch’s survey of 298 training institutions in December 2019, the external procurement needs of K12 training institutions are mainly the development of teaching materials and courses, as well as principal training. The rest of the businesses mainly depend on internal solutions. At the same time, K12 training institutions also pay attention to Internet tools or solutions such as management systems, teaching systems, dual-teacher course solutions. These institutions mainly learn information about the To B suppliers through peer recommendation and industry activities. When choosing suppliers, they attach much importance to the operation support.

Intelligence, localization, and integration are the future development trends of the To B K12 education industry. Faster processing speed and more data accumulation will bring a smarter product experience. The market demand is gradually layered, and the To B services are developing towards deep localization; There will be integrators with a great voice. The upstream and downstream will integrate and form an innovative situation The customer education and management difficulties will exist for a long time. Cooperation with schools will probably turn into an opportunity in the future and is worthy of attention.

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