2020 China’s Adult English Market Report

Source:iResearch September 11,20203:39 PM
Development History of the Adult English Market

Exam-oriented English training has entered the mature stage. The practical English market remains to be developed.

China's education and training market began with English training. After the reform and opening up, there was a studying abroad wave in China. In this context, the training institutions for the exam for studying abroad came into being, and the education and training giant New Oriental began to rise. Since then, with the liberalization of self-funded studying abroad, greater reform and opening up, and China’s accession to the WTO, the globalization of the Chinese economy has accelerated. Foreign companies poured into China, resulting in huge demand for practical English training. Institutions such as EF, Web International English, Wall Street English entered China/were founded. Driven by both “studying abroad+work”, the adult English training market experienced explosive growth. After 2008, exam-oriented English and practical English training institutions were differentiated. The exam-oriented English training institutions achieved rapid growth by expanding in the K12 training field. The traditional practical English training institutions have been targeting the core adult users who have strong demand for practical English. The price is high, the product forms lack adjustment, and the expansion continues. Problems are gradually exposed. Taking the collapse of Web International English as a typical event, the traditional practical English training market clear started. However, there is always demand for vocational English training. With the further deepening of the lifelong education concept, the growth rate of the practical English training market is expected to rise, and the proportion of online training will gradually increase.

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