2020 China’s Internet + Healthcare Industry Report

Source:iResearch October 13,20202:38 PM

Definition of Internet + Healthcare

Keywords of Internet + healthcare in broad sense: medical behavior, precision medicine, health management

In a narrow sense, medical behavior only refers to the diagnosis and treatment activities performed by qualified physicians, pharmacists, and nurses. In a broad sense, medical behavior generally refers to all behaviors aimed at disease prevention and treatment.

In this report, Internet + Healthcare is defined as a medical behavior in a broad sense, that is, all medical behaviors performed via Internet platforms. The subjects of this behavior include Internet companies, hospitals, insurance companies, doctors, patients, and other users with medical and health management needs, etc. The goal is to enhance health services and information transparency through accurately reaching patient groups and obtaining comprehensive health information via the Internet to realize precision medicine.

Overview of the Internet + Healthcare Integration Period in China

The industry has completed the transformation from 1.0 era to 2.0 era and is in the transition period to Internet hospital.

Internet healthcare is closely related to the development of the Internet. In general, Internet + Healthcare in China has gone through the 1.0 era dominated by PC Internet and the 2.0 era dominated by mobile Internet. It is currently in the transition period from 2.0 to 3.0 and is about to enter the 3.0 era with Internet hospitals being the transformation direction. In the 3.0 era, there will be comprehensive Internet hospitals, providing services such as online consultation, diagnosis, remote treatment, prescription, and medicine delivery. China's Internet + Healthcare Industry has integrated many participants such as mobile medical service providers, medical equipment manufacturers, IT giants, venture capital, mobile operators, application developers, data companies, and insurance companies, forming an industrial structure centers on online medical care.

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