iResearch Serial Market Research on China's AI Industry Ⅲ

Source:iresearch January 05,20214:14 PM

Governments and enterprises attach increasing importance to the application of AI. AI has been widely used in every link that can decide the economic benefits of enterprises. According to iResearch, at present, almost all of the Chinese large-scale enterprises have been planning and investing in AI projects. and about 10% of all enterprises above designated size have integrated artificial intelligence with their main businesses to improve status in the industry or enhance operational efficiency.

The industry scale of AI is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan in 2020. Influenced by the pandemic, rapid business growth is mainly contributed by the AI open platform API. Other growth drivers will be discussed in Chapter 4; By 2025, the scale of the industry is expected to exceed 450 billion yuan. According to iResearch, the market share of AI startups will be 30%-45%. Other market shares are occupied by Internet companies, cloud service companies, big data companies, information technology service companies, communication equipment companies, and individual research institutes.

When enterprises are accelerating digital transformation, the deployment of AI solutions can promote the changes in the business models of Party A’s enterprises and help enterprises to adapt to market changes quickly and flexibly. Survey on AI application in Chinese enterprises in 2020 done by iResearch show that 65.9% of enterprises that have applied AI projects set clear ROI standards before project implementation, and most of them (53.7% of the total) can fully or partially achieve their ROI targets.

This report mainly focuses on AI technology and application market research. For infrastructure content such as AI model production, computing power, data, etc., please refer to the AI basic layer research report that will be soon released by iResearch. This report has a public version and a business analysis version. If you are an AI practitioner or an industry practitioner interested in AI, please read the public report. To get more detailed industry data for business analysis and decision-making, please read the business analysis report.

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