2021 Digital Transformation of Chinese Enterprises

Source:iResearch April 21,20212:28 PM
Digitalization and Digital Transformation 

From collection to application, digital value and commercial value are combined.

Being reproducible, transferable, and computable, digitalization has been widely discussed in recent years. Digitalization includes data collection, transmission, storage, calculation and application. It turns all kinds of complex and changeable information into measurable data and processes it. In digital transformation, enterprises use new digital technologies to link physical information of a certain production or operation link, or even the whole business process, to form valuable digital assets. Then the company can use the calculated information to improve its business value. Nowadays, enterprises use digital technologies and tools to promote enterprise transformation, adding digital value to their commercial value to enhance their competitiveness.

Problem 1:Prefer Comprehensive Products with Unnecessary Functions

Functions that are not used are not needed.

During digital transformation, when purchasing software and hardware, a lot of enterprises would buy those with comprehensive functions, which is unnecessary. iResearch believes that the reasons include contradictions of employees at different levels, lack of scientific investigation, consumer psychology and the pursuit of digital advertising effect, etc. According to the statistics of a foreign institution, 60% of functions of the enterprise-level software haven’t been used or have been used very seldom on average. The enterprises buy software by intuition, thinking such software might be useful and it will be better if they have it. However, this not only results in a longer implementation cycle of pre-projects and higher costs but also more complicated application processes and more mistakes, which causes a lot of inconvenience to employees and has a negative influence on the transformation effect.

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