2021 China’s Database Industry Report

Source:iresearch June 24,20214:53 PM
Scale of China’s Database Market

The market scale reached 24.71 billion yuan in 2020

Market size: According to iResearch's statistic, in 2020 the scale of China’s database market reached 24.71 billion yuan, growing by 16.2% YoY. China's database market grows fast from 2020 to 2022 because of multiple reasons: 1) Favorable policies. The government encourages the development of domestic database vendors; 2) Rising demand. Domestic production and digital transformation lead to rising demand; 3) Products and services of the suppliers, startups, and cross-industry firms are maturing; 4) Chinese enterprises are increasingly willing to pay for basic software and their expenditure on IT has been rising, which is conducive to the long-term development of the market.

Characteristics of the Development of China's Database Market 

Various kinds of databases are booming. Relational databases are the mainstream.

With the development of the Internet, various types of data have been exploding, and innovative business scenarios are emerging, promoting the innovation of technology and product architecture of suppliers. Since the 2010s, database vendors of various types and adopting different technical routes have emerged, and the Chinese database market has been booming. However, from the perspective of commercial value, the revenue of the Chinese database market is still mainly from relational databases. The NoSQL databases mainly adopt the open-source model, which results in secondary development and service costs.

Characteristics of the Development of China's Database Market (2)

Supported by favorable policies, Chinese vendors are quickly expanding their market shares

have been rising year by year.  Among the domestic vendors, a group of traditional domestic database vendors established around 2000, such as Dameng, Kingbase, GBASE, and Shentong, have good performance in recent years. They develop from purchasing source code and using open source to independent research and development. Their strength has been increasing, and they have begun to rapidly expand into other industries such as energy, power, and transportation. In addition, startups, cloud vendors and ICT vendors have also been working in the database market in recent years, and the domestic group is increasingly strong. In contrast, although foreign database vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, etc., still have a high market share in the core scenarios of OLTP, their overall market share is gradually falling. 

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