2021 China’s Cross-border Shopping Report

Source:iresearch August 22,20216:47 PM

Development Background of China’s Cross-border Shopping Industry
China's import trade is steadily growing in the post-pandemic era
China has achieved impressive results in coordinating pandemic prevention and control and economic and social development. In 2021, the proportion of China's imports in total imports and exports has exceeded that of 2019. In the post-pandemic era, China's growing import has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the cross-border shopping industry.

Types of Cross-border Import Retail e-Commerce Platforms
Cross-border import B2C e-commerce can provide high-quality comprehensive services
From the perspective of consumers, the cross-border import B2C platforms, especially the head ones, have prominent comprehensive advantages. Cross-border import B2C e-commerce platforms can provide a higher guarantee of authentic products than the C2C platforms. B2C platforms have self-built warehouse and logistics systems and provide after-sales services. Their obviously have better performance than foreign cross-border shopping platforms and import C2C platforms. 


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